marți, 31 ianuarie 2017

4 ore de muzica instrumentala

0:00 Once in Time
2:32 Echo Lake (Trio Reprise)
5:51 Cranberry Islands
8:58 Throughout the years (Piano Reprise)
12:57 Mountain Road
14:44 Evening Falling Softly
15:58 If Only You Were Near
20:35 Flowers in October (Trio Reprise)
25:46 For Only a Moment (Piano Reprise)
28:29 With Gathering Wonder
31:05 Harvest Moon (Piano Reprise)
33:30 Night Walk
37:24 Grand Lake (Piano Reprise)
40:47 Breathless Beauty
43:41 Angelic Evening
46:55 Bathed in Moonlight
50:41 A Thousand Summers
54:21 Where Tomorrow Finds us
58:55 The Windy Blue Sea
1:02:13 September
1:05:00 Watch Hill
1:08:12 Cathedral of the Pines
1:12:45 Against The Rising Moon
1:16:06 Harvest Moon
1:18:09 Star Island (Piano Reprise)
1:20:28 Half Dome
1:22:56 For You Alone (Piano Reprise)
1:25:09 The Rushing Wings of Dawn
1:29:33 Light On The Moon
1:34:08 Evening Sky
1:38:02 Reflections
1:41:28 Ocean Of Diamonds
1:44:36 In The Eve of spring
1:47:18 The White Mountains
1:50:26 The Sea on Every Side
1:53:37 A Midnight full of Stars
1:55:58 Come Home to Me
2:00:16 Softly to the Sea

luni, 3 octombrie 2016

Somn profund si vindecare

8 ore de muzica pentru somn profund si vindecare. Se spune ca frecventa de 432 Hz echilibreaza corpul, mintea si emotiile. Mixajul celor doua frecvente, 432 Hz si 852 Hz, lucreaza pentru activarea puterii interioare si marirea intuitiei.
Desi este considerata muzica pentru somn, se poate folosi si pentru meditatie, studiu, terapie, yoga.